Initial Assessments

Our Initial Assessments, by CAMHS experienced therapists, will support you to understand the needs of your child and which services or interventions may be helpful. E.g. further assessment, relevant therapies, or other areas of support. We aim to provide you with a prompt and responsive service to avoid the common delays in accessing appropriate services for young people. Where possible we will quote for additional services, which can serve as a guide for you when purchasing services from us or from another provider.

What to expect from an initial assessment?

We will offer an assessment soon after we receive your signed agreement and the background information we request. To speed up your start date send your scanned signed agreement and password protected background information to

  • Providing us with consent signed for sharing information can help us to move faster on an assessment. We will generally revisit the consent arrangements as part of the assessment.
  • The practitioner will prepare for the assessment by reading relevant background information and history.
  • Face-to-Face Assessment will include up to 3 hours of meetings with the child, parent/carers, social workers, teachers, or other relevant adults. 
  • The practitioner will then write an assessment report and make this available to the referrer. Copies can also be posted to other people where consent has been given.
  • To purchase an initial assessment please download the documents at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions. You will be asked to provide additional background information.