Farm & Wellbeing Activities

Daffodil and Damson in a meadow with a rainbow overheadThe Apricot Centre approach often includes working on our farm or with activities and experiences in nature. You can find out what is currently on offer by visiting our Huxhams Cross Farm website for activities in Devon. In East Anglia we periodically deliver wellbeing groups or activities on farms or in natural environment.

Benefits of nature based activities are increasingly being researched and evidenced in relation to child and adolescent stress, mental health and wellbeing. Some of these are:

  • helping to regulate stress and emotional states,
  • lowering anxiety,
  • building confidence and a sense of competence,
  • enhanced healing from physical trauma.
  • helping young people access a state of mind for curiousity and learning

We believe the natural environment provides a space for encouraging play, creativity, improving relationships and teamwork, and helping young people become more aware of themselves, of others and on their connection to nature.

Wellbeing Activities with Young people on the Apricot Centre FarmWe have developed a  wellbeing programme  "Children at the Edge of Potential" for young people who may be struggling in school, relationships, home environments etc.

Some of the activities offered via the "Children at the Edge of Potential" programme

  • Farm Clubs and Forest School activities,
  • ‘Digging and Delving’ involving nature based wellbeing and  health-focused workshops, such, mindfulness in nature,  foraging , making herbal remedies and products and home-produce, healthy eating and cooking, and art and creativity. 
  • ‘SENSE’ a workshop to engage the senses around food, music, movement, creativity.
  • ‘WILD’ a workshop in nature for adolescents and parent (fathers) to explore their transition towards independence and adulthood.

If you are interested in having workshops for your school or youth group please contact