Developing Wellbeing for Students and Teachers

Recent evidence that suggest there are large numbers of pupils with behavioural or emotional disorders in schools who are struggling with their overall education and attainment and we are all aware that mental health difficulties and issues in young people can affect their overall wellbeing in both the immediate and long-term.  We also know that these same children are also continuing to miss school and/or have increased exclusions. It is not surprising that persistent mental health problems are leading to pupils having significantly greater difficulties in learning than the majority of their peers. 

The Apricot Centre believes that the most effective approach to promoting positive behaviour, social development and self-esteem in schools; is to offer one to one and small group sessions for young people to help identify coping strategies for them. We also have seen evidence that once a young person has learnt to regulate their emotions then quickly follows an increase in attendane and attainment. 

In 2016, over 5000 young people told the mental health charity Young Minds, that their top two concerns were school stress and access to help in school. The Apricot Centre aims to tackle this by working within school communities to deliver programmes of support that utilise therapeutic interventions and measurable approaches. Our interventions are designed to meet the needs of your student body and can be implemented on a one to one or small group basis.

Our programmes for young people include but are not limited to:

Stress Management for anxious students and school refusers

Developing Healthy Relationships (for students at risk of CSE)

Coping In class – for students who struggle to manage their emotions and behaviour

Improving Self Esteem and Resilience

Providing mentoring services for young people in need of extra support but not necessarily therpaeutic interventions

Part time table activities on a farm which help to disspiate stress and anxiety for young people who are at risk of exclusuion, this enable young people to learn to manage their emotions and re-enter and thrive in a school environment. 

We can offer the following for your students:

Individual or group sessions - 

Group work for groups of 6-10 young people on a 6, 8 and 10 week basis

Open ended or time limited individual one to one mentoring for students minimum of 8 weeks extended to open ended non time limited

Mentoring either in school or on our farm in Dartington 

Alternative education provision full time or part time with therapeutic mentoring.

Staff Wellbeing

The Apricot Centre can also offer wellbeing sessions for staff memebrs  these programmes are holistic in their nature and provide staff with a toolkit of long-term stress management techniques.  We can help staff understand their reactions to stress, provide them with ways to combat the symptoms of stress, help them to recognise the early warning signs of stress and develop strategies for looking after themselves effectively. Staff who nurture themselves and look after their well-being are more focused, well-intentioned and emotive practitioners who are able to remain motivated in stressful environments.

All staff training can be booked to incorporate your school timetable and staff training days

The Apricot Centre works with each school on an individual basis, to ensure our training and interventions are tailored to your community. To do this we offer the following:

A free initial telephone consultation to discuss your school needs

A free presentation outlining what The Apricot Centre can offer you based on your requirements and desired outcomes

A free staff taster session of what could be offered to students in your school. 

To discuss your needs further or for more information contact Rachel via email or 07540445851