Complex Mental Health Assessments

We offer complex mental health assessments with a Clinical Psychologist to:

  • help enhance our understanding of a child or young person, 
  • find out what their strengths and difficulties are, 
  • explore how they relate to other people, 
  • and if they have any mental health problems. 

To ensure our mental health assessments are robust, drawing from a variety of sources, including talking with parents, carers and professionals involved with the child. We also use standardised psychometric tests to ensure we are reliable in our assessments. 

The Apricot Centre Wellbeing Service prides itself on our multidisciplinary team approach. We regularly review our assessments with the team to ensure you get the best advice and knowledge from the whole team (including therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists). These assessments can form the basis of guiding those working closely with the young person, helping to improve how to support them. For example, the assessment may highlight areas of cognitive difficulty that requires changes in the academic environment. Or areas or social or psychological difficulty that need support or direct intervention. We taylor our complex mental health assessments to the specific questions needing to be answered, which means we put together a highly individualised assessment package for each child. 

If you would like to discuss your assessment needs with us please contact 

To request a Complex Mental Health Assessment from one of our Clinical Psychologists please download the referral document below and give as much detail about what you are requesting and helpful background about the young person.