We offer a variety of assessments to assess the needs and capabilities of children and families:

Initial Assessments - Undertaken by CAMHS experienced therapists these assessments will support you to understand the needs of your child and which services or interventions are likely to be helpful. We aim to provide you with a prompt and responsive service to avoid the common delays in accessing appropriate services for young people. We can sometimes quote for additional services which can serve as a guide for you when purchasing services from us or from another provider.

Psychiatric Assessments - Our psychiatrists can undertake full psychiatric assessments or diagnostic assessments. We can sometimes offer attachment assessments based upon the School Attachment Interview or the Care Index. For more information see Psychiatric Clinics [link]

Psychological Assessments - Complex Mental Health Assessments are tailored to specific questions needing to be answered, which means we put together a highly individualised package for each child. Our clinical psychologists can assess various mental health conditions, attachment and developmental trauma, social, cognitive and learning difficulties to help guide subsequent support. These assessments

  • help enhance our understanding of a child or young person
  • find out what their strengths and difficulties are
  • explore how they relate to other people
  • determine if they have any mental health difficulties

For these assessments to be robust we draw from a variety of sources, including talking with parents, carers, professionals and the young people themselves. We also use standardised psychometric tests to ensure we are reliable in our assessments. More details about what a psychologist can offer can be found under Psychology [link]

Psychiatric Clinic - We hold monthly clinics in East Anglia in which a psychiatrist can undertake a full assessment with follow-up reviews to monitor mental health difficulties and medication. Visit our clinic page for more information.